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GPS marks

Aeolian Sky
Big wreck you know all about. Lat: N 50°30.554' Lon: W 2°08.421'
Ajax or not
depth 38m - Wreck very broken, full of depth charges, a few brass bits lying around, buckled porthole trapped between plates, no sign of engine or boilers, ships ribs laid out flat on seabed, bow highest part of wreck.. vis 4-5m but dark, a few lobsters and crabs, so not a bad dive. I don’t not what this wreck is but is but it probably not the Ajax.
Lat: N 50°30.040' Lon: W 1°40.350'
Lat: N 50°29.416' Lon: W 1°55.056'
Lat: N 50°29.885' Lon: W 1°55.109'
Besty Ann
Lat: N 50°37.000' Lon: W 1°48.830'
Lat: N 50°35.444' Lon: W 1°41.730'
Baron Garioch
Still has the Gun. Lat: N 50°31.388' Lon: W 1°45.842'
Lat: N 50°34.985' Lon: W 01°56.202'
Lat: N 50°29.303' Lon: W 01°47.148'
Empire Crusader
Lat: N 50°34.530' Lon: W 01°38.003'
Fleur de Lys
Lat: N 50°37.597' Lon: W 01°56.143'
Firth Fisher
Shot between boilers, still standing upright, can cover the wreck in one dive.
A few crabs near the bow
Lat: N 50°34.843' Lon: W 01°56.180'
Big wreck, upside down in places, boliers etc
Lat: N 50°28.861' Lon: W 01°51.479'
Gibel Hanam
Last dived 27th August 2006
Poor vis but the bow stands 6 m off seabed.
Lat: N 50°30.747' Lon: W 02°06.502'
Railway Trucks! Lat: N 50°27.669' Lon: W 02°08.101'
Still lots of spidge to be found, bow has the best bits
Lat: N 50°34.914' Lon: W 01°56.639'
Lat: N 50°32.986' Lon: W 02°38.472'
Rope still attached to swim between them!
Lat: N 50°39.465' Lon: W 01°53.384'
St Dunstan Lat: N 50°38.294' Lon: W 02°42.046'

Other Dive Sites

Lat: N 50°34.180' Lon: W 1°27.709'
Alum Rock
Lat: N 50°42.341' Lon: W 1°53.306'
Lat: N 50°41.814' Lon: W 2°56.078'
Lat: N 50°33.754' Lon: W 2°37.555'
Bournemouth Rocks
Lat: N 50°42.398' Lon: W 1°53.250'
Lat: N 50°35.990' Lon: W 0°58.740'
Lat: N 50°32.020' Lon: W 02°33.055'
Fishing boat
Lat: N 50°40.070' Lon: W 01°48.840'
F'way Bouy
Lat: N 50°39.021' Lon: W 01°54.843'
San Salvador
Still being checked out Lat: N 50°' Lon: W 02°'
F'way Bouy
Look out of the shell cases!
Lat: N 50°39.021' Lon: W 01°54.843'
Evan Rock
Lat: N 50°36.822' Lon: W 01°56.107'
Planed to dive this in August but vis was poor so did the Gible
Lat: N 50°29.633' Lon: W 02°43.105'
Outer Poole Patch
Rocks! if you like that sort of thing. Lat: N 50°35.779' Lon: W 01°43.392'
Poole Patch
More rocks! Lat: N 50°41.114' Lon: W 01°53.663'
The Pinnacle
Big rock at the entrance of Poole harbour Lat: N 50°40.880' Lon: W 01°56.831'